Why should I be a writing tutor?

First of all, it’s a really rewarding experience to know that you are helping writers to reach their fullest potential. Tutoring is a really interactive process, and as a tutor, you will often have the privilege of watching something “click” in a writer’s mind. Even when you are working long shifts, knowing that you have enabled a writer to discover ways to improve his or her writing makes it all worth it. You have an opportunity to work with writers at all levels to bring out the best in them. The goal of a writing tutor is to model techniques that will help the writer be more effective in the composition process, as well as to provide another pair of eyes to catch mistakes in grammar, organization, or logic. And sometimes, you’ll learn things too. Besides the knowledge that you absorb through osmosis when reading papers, you will often learn more about the variety of techniques for composition as writers share stories about the way they write and revise.

Aside from the positive feeling that come from helping other people, working as a writing tutor looks really good on your resume. Employers are always looking for people with strong writing skills, and working as a writing tutor demonstrates not only that you have these skills, but also that you are able to use these skills to help others communicate more effectively. For me, working at my college’s writing center has helped me to gain some much-needed experience in a job that’s related to my chosen field, but communication and writing skills are beneficial for almost any profession.

Why else should you be a writing tutor? Because it’s fun. Seriously. You will have sessions that are less than stellar, but overall, you will learn and grow. When you’re working with writers who cares about their work and want to get the most possible out of a session, you will find it’s a really enjoyable experience. If you’re thinking about going into tutoring, I say go for it! It’s okay if you’re not 100% confident. If you really care about helping your fellow students and are willing to give it your best, you’ll do a fine job.


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