Three Places to Take an English Major

Do you want to surprise your favorite English major (or writer or book lover of any kind)? Are you looking to impress that smart girl in your Shakespeare class? Whether you’re planning a date or want to hang out with your bookish friends, these are places that I think would be fun to go.

1. A bookstore. Preferably an independent one with atmosphere and perhaps a coffee shop. There’s nothing better than wandering through shelves and shelves of books. New or used, fiction or non-fiction, doesn’t matter. This is a chance to bond over favorite genres, eye-catching cover art, and that indescribable smell of pages.

2. A poetry reading. One caveat, though: don’t go into this one cold. It’s good if you have some knowledge of the author and his or her work before you go; otherwise, you may find yourself sitting through poems that you have absolutely no interest in. A slam poetry performance could also be a good choice. Depending on the area you live in, this kind of event may or may not be within driving distance, but I think it would be cool to check one of these out sometime!

3. A movie based on a book or play. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… No movie is ever as good as the book. That’s a matter of opinion, but there are some adaptations out there that are great food for thought. Be prepared for a passionate discussion of adaptation choices afterward–pay attention to what the film did well, as well as elements that were emphasized differently in the book and the movie.


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