“Eureka!!!” kinda freek

One of my best friends has started blogging again! I can definitely identify with the experience she describes here, and I imagine many other writers and “creative” people can as well. Check it out!

Vale Baile

Do you ever get the feeling like you have had an original idea? You have that “EUREKA!!!” kinda moment, and you begin to feel super confident that you are about to have a breakthrough idea that will change the world as everyone knows it; there will finally be flying cars, flying pigs, and cupcakes in milkshake form like in Wall-E, when suddenly- it happens. Your brilliant idea has just been derailed by the shocking discovery that someone has already thought of that brilliant idea first. 

You feel defeated, and disappointed in yourself for not thinking of it sooner than that person had. That person had the initiative to act upon that idea long before you had ever even thought of it, and is now making trillions upon bajillions of dollars. Now what? 

I too just had this brilliant “EUREKA!!!” moment for a story that I was already envisioning coming to life. The…

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