My first freelance job

I haven’t be able to spend much time in the Blogosphere lately because I’m working on my first freelance job. I’m copy editing a book that was written by an ESL author. My goal is to complete it by the first week of August. Although I definitely have less free time at the moment, it’s kind of cool to be able to talk about “my freelance editing work.”

I’m a relative newbie at this, but many of the skills are the same as providing feedback on a final draft for a classmate. I’m mainly looking for grammar errors, misspellings, missing words, and the like.

Do you have a favorite sentence-level editing tip? I’d love to hear it! I’ve always found reading out loud to be helpful, especially if I’m editing something I’ve written. I’ve also heard that starting at the end and working forward a sentence at a time can be helpful, because you can’t get distracted thinking about the logical flow of the sentences or overall meaning of the paragraph.

Also, make sure your spell check is on. That’s probably my top editing tip of all time. It seems really obvious, but if your spell check is switched off or non-operational for whatever reason, you can miss really simple mistakes.





2 thoughts on “My first freelance job

  1. Look for easily missed typos; short words like “it,” “is,” “in,” and “if” are often the result of typos.
    Look for inconsistency in spelling, capitalization, etc. Keep a list of words that the author uses that might have two acceptable spellings (and make sure to use only the preferred spelling) and specialized words for the topic.
    There are lots more tips that experienced editors can give you. You should look into good books on editing, if you haven’t already.

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